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  • How do commissions work?
    · Each qualifying sale earns a commission (excluding sale returns and sale cancellations). · Our Affiliates will receive a commission on sales attributed to their account during the time. · The Commission is paid on the order price (excluding postage costs and VAT or any taxes levied on the products. · A fixed commission of 5% is earned by each sale you make. ( * the 5% of the total value of the bill excluding any Taxes, Gst, or vat.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
  • To claim for order .
    In case of the product being damaged , missing items in the order delivered , defective item send you or for any assistance towards the order received for any claim for the same . the buyer must submit the live opening video as evidence to claim for any return replacement from the seller . * please note Dee Hand factory is not responsible for any shipping or product delivered items in case they are damaged defective or missing .
  • Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges for Sellers
    Dee Hand Factory is a platform made up of independent sellers who run their own shops. This means that each seller is responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns. Individual policies will vary from shop to shop. If you’re a seller of Dee Hand Factory, you must set a return policy whenever you edit or create a new listing for a physical item, even if it is to let buyers know you do not accept returns or exchanges on that listing. If you’re a Buyer of Dee Hand Factory, you must read a return policy whenever ordering any product. few of the products may or may not have any return, refund or replacement. Depending up each seller policy .
  • Shipment procedures .
    AFTER PLACING THE ORDER THE SELLER MUST CONNECT WITH YOU WITH THE DIFFERENT SHIPPING METHODS AND MODE FROM WHICH YOU CAN CHOOSE THE BEST OF THE SHIPPING CARRIER AS PER YOUR CHOICE THE BUYER IS ALSO GIVEN the ADVANTAGE TO CHOOSE SPECIFIC SHIPMENT CARRIER IF NEEDED THE CHARGES OF THE SHIPPING MUST BE informed or asked from the authorised buyer or seller before shipping the product. ** Please note that Dee Hand factory is not responsible for any shipment-related queries as the shipment-related queries depend upon the seller to Seller hence we request Buyer to get complete information towards their shipment method and procedure .
  • Best practices for future orders
    Be sure to review any Messages you receive from your buyer prior to shipping their order. They may have provided an updated shipping address, or attempted to coordinate delivery through another service with you. You can add a private note to the order if you need to keep track of important details, or you can use progress steps in the Orders & Shipping section of Shop Manager to organize orders that require changes. Consider disclosing the shipping carriers you use for your deliveries on listing pages and in shipping profiles. Buyers may know they have issues with some shipping carriers, and if they know this information up front, that can help prevent issues later. While there may be an extra expense depending on the shipping method and shipping carrier used, consider including tracking and insurance with all your shipments. Buyers may be more enticed to order if they know they’re protected. If this isn’t a sensible option for your business, consider reaching out to buyers who purchase particularly valuable items from you to arrange these services on a case-by-case basis.
  • Communicate with the buyer
    Please very important for any Seller to stay connected with the buyer right from receiving an order from the buyer to the satisfaction of the buyer with their orders make the buyer aware of the policies and the shipping procedures before processing the order. All the communication should be done in a well-formal written format. important communication that needs to be done with the Buyer are :- 1)how much time will it take to process the order? 2)The weight and size of the product. 3)Shipping method & mode. 4)time and cost taken from the shipping partners to deliver the product. * in case of any changes in the order made by the buyer you must keep informed Dee Hand factory about the same through the communication of mail.
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